Manufacturing and Selling Coffins and Caskets: A New Business To Pay For My Continuous Treatments:

Target: R50 000       Raised: R10 200     See our Raffle Fundraiser from 2017


coffins in line

I have been doing fundraising for the past twelve years, for two Adult Stem Cell Treatments in 2011 and 2016.


I require eight packets of Adult Stem Cells every two years, at the very least. At the current rate, I receive eight packets of Adult Stem Cells only every four to five years. My condition is of a deteriorating nature.


Fundraising is incredibly hard work. I have realized that when it comes to donating money to a worthy cause, people want something in return. The days of simply handing over money for a worthy cause are over, especially in South Africa.


I have received the most donations by hosting fundraising events such as selling works of art, hosting a gospel concert, or raffling a holiday, where people had received something in return for their donation.


On this basis, I had figured I might as well start a business of my own. I have decided on manufacturing and selling coffins and caskets. 


Here is why:


1. I would be able to make a product on my own time and pace. Since my energy and strength is very limited at this point, I can build the business on my own time, and rest whenever I need to. 

2. It is a product that will sell itself. Roughly 600 000 people die each year in South Africa. Whether you prefer to be buried or cremated, you must be put in a casket for cremation, or a coffin for burial. Coffin and casket manufacterers are in short supply.

Because, who wants to build coffins? 

3. Our primary goal is to make a good product. Then build good customer relations and provide the product at an affordable price. With commitment, integrity and patience this can be achieved. We will receive proper training, by completing a coffin and casket training course at Trimo's Coffins and Caskets, which will cover all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to marketing


4. It is a very profitable enterprise, that requires only R50 000 for a basic setup.   


5. We are situated close to Pretoria, Brits and Centurion. These are well populated areas with the potential for good business.


6. I have acquired the assistance of a retired carpenter, who has decades of experience in the woodworking industry.


coffins and caskets 1


coffins and caskets 3


coffins and caskets 4


The R50 000 start-up cost would provide for the following:


A) a Comprehensive coffin & casket-building training course at Trimo's Coffins and Caskets in Johannesburg. The training includes every single aspect of the business, including manufacturing, marketing plus a Certificate of Completion. The course costs R6000 per person.


B) Power Tools

1. Petrol Power Generator  - R6500 

2. Air Compressor (for Spray painting)  - R3500

3. Gravity Feed Spray Gun – R600

4. Cordless Circular Saw with 40-60 tooth blades (Tungsten carbide tipped teeth)  - R2000

5. Cordless Sander & Sandpaper – R1000

6. Small cordless Drill – R2000

7. Stapler gun  - R500

8. Smaller tools – R500 


C) Raw material for our first 7-10 coffins and caskets.


Please support us! Contact Riaan at 071 2400 636 or